This is my Archive Website.  I will be posting my photo sets and video produced before 2012 here.  This was when I used a Mini DV Tape Video Camcorder to shoot my video.  It is of very good quality, but I can only edit the video in 720 X 480.  It is however at a high quality 5000bps bitrate. Currently the price to join is Only 19.99 per month.  I will soon offer Multiple Month Options.  However when the site reaches 150 Video, I will be raising the price slightly.  Currently, I am loading content as fast as time will permit.  When I reach 100 Video Clips, I will then start my regular weekly updats of 4 to 5 videos per week.  I will also post a photo set after every 3rd video update.  I will start rotating video in and out of the site at 300 videos.

I ask that if for some reason, you have any technical difficulty, to please contact the Site Customer Support. An email to me, will most likely not be a way to solve these types of issues.  I have No technical knowledge regarding the site.  Again, this is content from my archives. I do not work with many of these girls anymore and in some cases, I am no longer in contact.

I will also soon be opening a New Site here at xsiteablity for my new material, shot from 2012 to the Present time. For now, that material can be found at and  I will be closing those sites down and combining the content into this upcoming New Site.

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