OSB0261-JJ Plush-Left bound and gagged in the basement. HD

14:11 video


JJ Plush and a friend of hers have something of his and he wants it back. He finds JJ and takes her to this abandoned building on the wrong side of own. There he makes her call her friend to arrange for the man to get his stuff back. Being afraid to be left in the sweltering hot old building, JJ begs the man to take her with him. Knowing she cannot be trusted, he tells her that she is going to stay put. To make sure of this, he brings out some rope and ties her up very tightly. Although they are in the basement of the building, the man worries that someone will hear JJ when she cries out for help. So the man stuffs her mouth with a very large knee sock and tapes it in. No sooner than the man walks away, JJ is out of the chair and trying to hop out of the place. But the man returns and realizes that he needs to secure her better. Using more rope, he crotch ropes and hogties JJ as she tries to resist. With all her struggling and attempts to hop away, JJ finds herself now soaking wet with perspiration. Seeing this, the man offers to help her stay cool. JJ tries to protest as the man opens her top and pulls her big boobs out of her bra. "There! That ought to cool you down!" the man tells her. But it hardly helps at all and JJ continues to soak her pantyhose and skirt as she is left struggling bound and gagged.

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