SVBC2002-Manell-Tied up and gagged-I had to beg him to Do me

11:18 video

This is a Girl Next Door Bondage Classice I am posting today.  It features Manell. Like all other GNDB Classics, the video was shot before 2012 with a Mini DV Camera. These videos are added bonus updates:


A man has invaded Manell's home. He has left her tied up on the floor. As Manell sits there she starts to wonder what the man plans to do to her once he has taken all of her valuables. Since she isn't gagged, she starts whispering to herself. She is worried that maybe, he might take advantage of her. At first this frightens her. But the more she talks about, she starts to realize that the thought of it, is getting her very aroused. "What am I thinking" she says to herself. "My gosh! I am getting wet" she says out loud. So when the man walks in, Manell tells him that he wants to make a deal with him. But before Manell can tell him anything else, he roughly stuffs a pair of her panties in her mouth and then ties one of her scarfs tightly between her teeth to gag her. Manell frantically tries to get him to listen to her, but the man just walks away with Manell grunting and whimpering at him through the gag. Manell struggles on the floor as she tries to get the man to pay attention to her. She figures that if he will not listen, maybe she should start causing a commotion. She works her way to the front door and starts kicking at it with her bound feet. This brings the man back and he quickly pulls her away from the door. Then just before he leaves, Manell makes one last attempt to get him to remove the gag. This time it works. Now able to speak, she asks him if he is forgetting something. The man seems confuses, wondering what she is getting at. She then accuses him of not liking women. She explains that, here he has a woman all tied up and helpless and wonders why he hasn't taken advantage of her. The man finally realizes that Manell is turned on and wants him to fuck her. He is more than willing to give her what she wants.

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