OSB0268-Goldie Blair-The Big busted Cougar left tied up in her panty girdle

14:16 video

Girdles-Older Woman/Younger Male-Cougar

They accidentally kicked their football over the fence into the neighbor's yard. It would be no problem if the man of the house was home because he never gave them a problem. But his big busted wife Goldie was a different story as she was very mean to them. But today they had a solution. When they knocked at her door, she answered she was dressed in her waitress dress and ready to go to work. Sure enough she immediately gave them a rough time. When she refused to give them their ball back, they put their plan into0 action. They followed her inside and over powered her. Then they tied her up tight with rope. Then to shut her up, they stuffed her mouth with a huge wad of panties. So huge, they didn't completely fit in her mouth and they had to wrap tape over them to keep them packed in her mouth. Finally, after gathering their football, they hogtied Goldie. To make sure she got the message not to mess with them anymore they left her in a very humiliating situation for her husband to find her in. They pulled her waitress dress open and her bra down. Sometime later when her husband arrived home, he found his wife still struggling bound and gagged in her panty girdle with her great big tits out.

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