OSB0269-Amanda Kent-Busty Nanny caught and tied up in his wife's girdle

16:19 video


The boys were in school and Mom and dad were at work. So Amanda the Nanny thought she had the rest of the day to herself. She loved the feel of wearing sexy lingerie and found that the lady of the house owned several girdles. Believing no one would see her, she tried one of them on. But all of a sudden, the man of the house came home to take his lunch break. He caught Amanda dressed in his wife's girdle and asked her what she was up to. Amanda told him that she liked wearing it and asked him what he thought. When he told her that she looked very sexy, she asked him if he wanted to play. "Yes!" he told her. To which Amanda replied, "if you want to get into my panties, you are going to have to tie me up!" So a short time later, the man found some rope and Amanda found herself getting tied up very tight. Once he had her trussed up, Amanda wanting to be gagged also, told him that she planned to get very loud. So the man stuffed and taped a pair of his wife's panties in her mouth to gag her. He then pulled her bra down and left her to squirm around on the floor for a while. Amanda bounced her big tits about the kitchen floor as she struggled bound and gagged. This got her very turned on and worked up. If it was up to her, her boss would hurry up and pull her panties down so they could get down to business. But for now, Amanda was content to enjoy the feel of the tight ropes cutting into her soft skin.

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