OSB0273-Caroline Pierce-My Voyeur Neighbor watched me get tied up and gagged!

14:22 video


Every now and then when he knew his neighbor Caroline was home, he would sneak over hoping to get a peek of her through an always open window or door. Today he thought his luck finally paid off when I saw her dressed in only her garters, stockings and panties. He watched as she put on her bra, he tight dress and finally her high heels. All of a sudden there was a knock at her door. The man was about to leave when he heard Caroline start to cry out in distress. He then saw a man bring her back into the room and start tying her up with rope. He thought about trying to help her. But how would he explain why he was there. Also, the man who grabbed Caroline looked much stronger than he was and he fear he might end up tied up right beside his neighbor. The man then watched as the intruder stuffed and taped Caroline's mouth full of panties and then left her to struggle bound and gagged. The neighbor wanted to run off to get help, but watching his curvy neighbor squirming around as she tried to get loose, had him way too excited to leave. All of a sudden, the man made a slight noise and Caroline looked in his direction. When she saw him, she tried to get him to help her. But that is when the home intruder came back and grabbed her again. This time he hogtied her on the floor and left her as he made his escape. The neighbor continued to watch as he was not sure the bad guy was gone for good. He would eventually get the courage to go inside and untie Caroline. But by then, she was very angry with him for not coming to her rescue much sooner.

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