OSB0310-Sahrye-Put a sock in it!

17:25 video

A man has grabbed Sahrye and has taken her to his hide out. As he starts to tie her up with rope, Sahrye starts to protest. When her protests get too loud, he warns her to shut up. This doesn't seem to get the message through as she continues to give him a piece of her mind. So again, he warns her and this time he tells her that if she doesn't shut up, he will sock her in the mouth. Believing the man means to punch her, Sahrye becomes irater and dares him to hit her. But after he has her somewhat secure, he walks away from her with a promise to come back and "Sock Her" Now Sahrye starts to have second thoughts and asks the man if her really plans to hit her in the mouth. But then the man returns with two sock and stuffs them in her mouth. He then wraps tape around her face to gag her. Now well muffled with her mouth packed and wrapped, Sahrye realizes what the man meant by being socked in the mouth. She can now hardly make a sound as he finishes tying her up. When the man leaves Sahrye to struggle bound and gagged on the chair, she tries her best to get loose. But all she manages to do is make her way on the floor and now her dress has hiked all the way up her hips to show she is wearing a girdle with garters to hold up her nylons. A short time later, the man returns to tell her that she is going for a ride with him. But first she is going to pay for all the mean things she said to him before he gagged her. He puts her on her knees in front of him and removes the gag. Then after un-zipping his pants, he makes her gag on something, and it isn't another pair of sock. Later, when he is done, he stuffs and ties a pair of panties in her mouth to gag Sahrye again. He then lifts her up over his shoulder and carries her away bucking and kicking.

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