SVBC2004-JJ Plush-Step sister had no choice but to let them tie her up

10:23 video

This is a Girl Next Door Bondage Classice I am posting today.  It features JJ Plush. Like all other GNDB Classics, the video was shot before 2012 with a Mini DV Camera. These videos are added bonus updates:

JJ comes home after a night out and it appears that she has had a few too many. Worried her step mother might be up, she sneak quietly and lucky for her, step mom is sound resting. However, her step brothers are up and threaten to wake their step-mom so JJ can get in trouble. "Please!" JJ begs them, "Don't wake her up!" But when her please don't seem to be working, JJ tells them that she will do anything if they will just promise not to tell on her. "Anything?" They ask. At first JJ is hesitant to reply. But then she thinks about the trouble she will be in and she agrees to do anything they ask. But when they tell her that they want to tie her up, she tries to talk them out of it. But they insists and she has no choice but to let them tie her up. After they have their step sister tied up tight with rope, they watch her squirm around on the floor. With her arms pulled all the way behind her back, JJ's sweater strains to hold in her big boobs and she notices that they are looking. When JJ starts to complain and they decide it is time to put a stop to that. When they bring out a apair of their step-mother's panties, JJ realizes that they are going to gag her and she starts to protest. But there is nothing she can do and soon her mouth is packed tight with panties and JJ is now gagged very tightly. As she struggles with the rope, JJ's skirt slowly starts to rise. When she notices this, her moans and grunts starts to get louder. So to muffle her a bit more, one of them ties another rag very tightly over her mouth. Finally, to humiliate their step sister just a little more, they unbutton her sweater. As they watch her struggle, they know it is only a matter of time before her big boobs will work their way out of that tight bra.

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