OSB0374-Sahrye-You have five minute to get me all tied up! But if I get loose!

He had come to Sahrye's party earlier in the evening. But now it was over and everyone else had gone home. Having had a little too much to drink, the guy told Sahrye that he was going to call a taxi rather than drive home. But Sahrye told him to hold off and stay with her for a while to keep her company. As they talked, Sahrye told him about a Fetish Convention she had attended recently. She went on to tell him about an event she there called the "Bondage Challenge" where a person was given 5 minutes to tie someone up. If the person got loose, that person would get a prize. But if the person didn't get loose, the person who tied them got the prize . Sahrye told the guy that she really enjoyed watching and she wished that someday she could try something like that. All of a sudden, Sahrye came up with an idea and told the guy that maybe he and she could try this. She told him that he would have five minutes to tie her up and if she could not get loose, he could to anything he wanted to her. This included pulling her panties down having his way with her. But then she told him that if she could get loose, she would get to tie him up. At first the guy was worried that if he tied her up, she might get loose and he had no desire to be tied up. But Sahrye talked him into it and the game began. Not wanting to ruin her dress, she took it off and now she was only in a bra, panty girdle and pantyhose. Then using rope Sahrye had, they started the clock and the guy started to tie Sahrye up. Five minutes later, the alarm went off and Sahrye was tightly tied from her ankles all the way up her body. But then the guy decided to add a little something to make the game more interesting, for him. He stuffed Sahrye's mouth with panties and then tied a rag between her teeth to gag her. He told her that this was to penalize her for stripping down to her underwear in an attempt to distract him. Sahrye tried to protest, but then the guy started the clock for her to get loose. Sahrye grunted and whimpered through the gag as she struggled hard to get loose. At one point she thought she was able to reach a knot. But she was tied very tight and when her time limit came and passed, she found herself still tied up and gagged. Having lost the game, she was now willing to give the guy his prize. In fact, she was really hoping she would lose this game just for that reason. But the guy had other ideas. He enjoyed watch her squirm all tied up and decided to continue this game. When he removed the gag, Sahrye started to complain that the gag was not necessary. But before she could say much more, her mouth was stuffed again and this time taped up to gag her again. Then the guy brought out more rope and put Sahrye in an extremely tight hogtie. Sahrye was now totally helpless and could hardly move at all. But she was also crotch roped and something about her situation started to get her very turned on. The only thing she was sorry about was the fact that her friend was going to have to remove the crotch rope in order to get her panty girdle and pantyhose off for the real fun she was hoping would come a little later in the night.

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