OSB0373-Christy Cutie-Don't you dare stuff that in my mouthmmmmff!

Christie has a rich step-father who has her very spoiled. But right now, some guy she doesn't know has her tied up in her apartment. Somehow Christie still thinks she is calling the shots and demands to be let go. She ridicules the man for even believing that he is allowed to touch her and tie her up like he has. The man warns Christie to be quiet. But she refuses. So man gets behind her and grabs her by the hair. When she opens her mouth to protest, he stuffs it with a large fluffy sock. Then so she cannot not spit it out, the man ties a rag very tightly over her mouth to gag the spoiled rich girl. Christie is furious as she tries to cry out. She struggles hard to get loose. After a while, the man returns to her and using more rope, he ties her tighter and more secure. Then he unties the gag and lets her spit out the sock. But before Christie can say anything, her mouth is re-stuffed. This time with panties to humiliate her. The rag is then tied in her mouth, between her teeth to gag her again. Christie thinks this is about as bad as things can be. But she soon finds out, things are gonna get worse. Using another piece of rope, the man puts her on her knees and tightly crotch ropes her. And then finally he pulls her bra down and leave like this. Struggling bound and gagged with her tits out.

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