SVBC2007-Sahrye-Mom is going to be mad when she finds the baby sitter tied up.

Girl Next Door Bondage Classice featuring Sahrye. Like all other GNDB Classics, the video was shot before 2012 with a Mini DV Camera. 720 X 480 8000kbps

The phone is ringing. It is probably Step-Mom calling Sahrye the babysitter, checking to make sure everything is fine while she is away. But as the video begins, it becomes obvious why the babysitter cannot answer the phone as she appears bound and gagged. She tries her best to answer the call, but with her hands tied behind her back, she finds it impossible to hit the answer key with her nose. And even if she could answer, there isn't much she can say with a pair of Step-Mom's panties stuffed and tied in her mouth. After the call ends, Sahrye finds a way to loosen the gag and she is able to spit the panties out. She then manages to place a call to their step-mom. She tells her that she was playing a game with her boys and that they now have her tied up and will not let her go. Step-Mom demands to talk to them so she can tell them to untie their baby sitter. But after Step-Mom hangs up, Sahrye still finds herself tied up and she demands to be let go. But they have no plans to release her and this time they are going to make sure she cannot call their step-mom. They re-stuff her mouth and instead of tying a cleave gag between her teeth, they wrap tape very tightly over her mouth to gag her again. Sahrye is furious as she grunts and whimpers through the gag. Having better things to do, they leave Sahrye to struggle in their room bound and gagged as they go off to hang out with their friends. Knowing it will still be hours until their step-mother gets home, Sahrye tries her best to get loose. But it is no use, these guys are very good at tying knots. By the time Sahrye is found, her skirt will have risen all the way up her hips to show her panties and the buttons to her blouse will pop open to show her bra.

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