OSB0375-Chichi Medina-One day you are gonna come home to find me tied up!

Chichi is a lonely housewife.  Her husband has been working late hours and she worries it is because he does not want to come home to her anymore. So tonight, she dresses up in garters and stockings. Something that she knows will get him very turned on. But when she calls him to tell him of her surprise for him, he tells her that he is working late again. Chichi is not happy.  She tells him that she is scared being home alone at night.  He tries to tell her that there is nothing to be afraid of. "You wont be happy until you come home late at night to find me all tied up and gagged with my panties down!" Chichi tells him before she hangs up the phone. Sometime later, Chichi's phone rings.  It is her husband calling.  But she has a very hard time getting to it.  This is because, just as she warned, some bad guy has come in and has her bound and gagged on the bed. When Chichi is able to answer, her husband cannot understand her through the gag. Believing he has a bad connection, he hangs up. Later he calls again.  This time he is able to figure out that his wife is gagged. But he thinks it is only part of her game to make him feel guilty for not coming home. So he hangs up. However, a couple of hours later, he does come home.  He finds his wife hogtied and gagged on the bed with her panties down and her big tits out. 

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