OSB0397-Pepper Sterling-So! Now that I have your big tits all tied up!

When I saw Pepper in the hotel bar, I just could not resist. She was perfect. Very curvy with a nice set of big boobs and an ass to for. Then as I got closer, I heard her telling the guy she was talking to what room she was in and maybe he could go up later. Listening to her talk with that sexy southern accent did it. I had to have her. So while she wasn't looking I reached into her purse and stole one of her room keys. I went up to her room and waited with my bag or rope and a roll of tape. While I waited, I went through her luggage and picked out the biggest pair of her panties. I only had to wait about 30 minutes and luckily she came in alone. Even if she brought someone liked that guy she was talking to up, it would not have been that big of a problem. I had enough rope and tape to tie him up too and make him watch. She was shocked when I grabbed her and made her bend over a chair as I tied her up with rope. Once she was secured, I stuffed those panties I picked out in her mouth and wrapped them in tight with the tape. I wanted a better look at her in her underwear, so I untied her hands and made her take off the dress. Wow!, I could not believe how lucky I was. She was wearing garters and stockings. Getting her naked would have to wait. I loved seeing women dressed like this. Especially loved seeing them struggle bound and gagged sexy underwear. So pulling those pretty panties off and letting her have it would have to wait. But I did have to see those great big tits. So I pulled the bra down before I hogtied her. And since I am such a nice guy, I also tied a piece of rope up between her legs so she could get to enjoy herself and hopefully get herself all worked up for what was to come later.

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