OSB0399-Karen Summers-The MILF Next Door Bound and Gagged

He is putting his step-son through college. But lately his grades have been suffering. After some research he has found out the reason why. It seems his step-son has been playing with Ms. Karen Summer, the older woman next door. So the man goes over to Karen's house and tries to explain the problem. He tells her that she is much too old for his step-son. In fact she is old enough to be his grand step-mother. But Karen refuses to stop seeing the college boy. Having been prepared for such a response, the man brings out some rope and grabs her. "If you will not stay away from my step-son, I will just have to make you disappear" he tells her as he starts to tie her up. Karen struggles and protests until he has her tied hand and foot. Then he leaves her for a bit, but soon returns with a pair of her panties. He stuffs and ties the panties in Karen's mouth to gag her. With her now grunting and whimpering through the gag, he continues to tie her up until he has her completely helpless. Then after leaving her to struggle bound and gagged for some time, the man returns. It seems the people he plans to deal her off to, want photos. So the man props up his captive milf neighbor and pulls her big tits out of her bra so the buyers can get a good view of her best assets. . Finally as the man waits for her transportation, he hogties Karen so she will not be able to move around so much.

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