OSB0401-Raven Eve-What possessed you to let him tie you up like this!

This guy has an issue that cannot be cured.  He cannot resist tying up pretty girls.  This has got him into serous trouble which is being dealt with by the psychological authorities.  He has been paroled and is under the supervision of Doctor Rachel Eve. Today she is in his hotel to do some follow up. While there, the man assures her that he is behaving and has not done anything involving bondage.  But Rachel finds a bag full of rope.  She now knows the man is lying to her.  But she also finds a ring in the bag which she believe he may have stolen from a female victim.  But Raven finds something about the ring that compels to put it on.  Suddenly, she starts to feel very funny and very turned on.  The idea of being bound and gagged starts to come to her mind and she has the urge to be tied up.  When the man comes into the room again, she begs him to tie her up.  A short time later, Raven finds herself tied up tight with a ball gag in her mouth and she is very excited.  The man adds more rope and now she can hardly control it and has the first of many bound orgasms. When the man changes the gag by replacing the ball gag with mouth stuffing and a cleave gag she loses it again and begs him to have his way with her. In the end, the man has Raven hogtied and crotch roped with her boobs out.  He decides it is time to leave.  But not before he gets his magic ring back from Raven's hand.  The second it is removed, Raven returns to reality and she is not very happy to find herself struggling bound and gagged with her tits out.

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