SVBC2009-Nyxon-Take my clothes off! Tie me up and make it tight!

Girl Next Door Bondage Classice featuring Nyxon. Like all other GNDB Classics, the video was shot before 2012 with a Mini DV Camera. 720 X 480

Nyxon has told her husband that it is her fantasy to have someone come in one day while she was alone, tie her up and do naughty things to her. So, with today being her birthday and a strange man coming into the house to grab her, Nyxon thinks her husband has hired the man to help her fulfill her fantasy. Nyxon tells the man to take her into the basement. Once down there, she hands him a pair of panties and tells him to stuff them in her mouth to gag her. Then as the man is tying the gag in her mouth, Nyxon starts taking her skirt and blouse off. She shows the man where the rope is and tells him to tie her up and make sure it is tight. Once the man has Nyxon bound and gagged, she is surprised that he has tied her ankles together. "How are you going to pull my panties off!" she tries to tell him through the gag. When he leaves all alone in the basement, Nyxon starts to think that something just isn't right. Then a short time later, he returns and Nyxon thinks that now the fun is about to start. But this is when Nyxon finds out that the man is not here to have fun with Nyxon. He is here to rob her. He unties the gag and lets her spit out the wad of panties. Then before she can say anything, he stuffs a larger pair of panties in her mouth and then wraps packing tape very tightly around her face and mouth to gag her again. He then pulls her boobs out of her bra and forces her to lie face down on the floor. With Nyxon grunting and whimpering protests through the gag, the man ties her in a very strict hogtie. She is then left to be found hour later by her husband.

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