OSB0434-Terra-Let me tie you up or I will tell your husband!

Terra is married to one of his friends. But he has suspected that she has also been cheating on him with a co-worker or two. His suspicion turns out to be correct as he caught her fucking another guy while her husband was at work. The video begins with the man making Terra come to his hotel room. He tells her that he is going to tell her husband about the affair unless she agrees to let him tie her up for the fun of it. Terra has no choice. Her husband is terribly rich and she has become very comfortable with her lavish lifestyle. So she agrees to let the man tie her up and do whatever. As he ties her, she asks him how many times she has to do this. He tells her at least once a week. Terra protests and asks if she could re-negotiate a deal. The man continues to tie her legs up until he is sure she will not be able to get up and run away. Now comes the part that the man likes the best. the part where he gets to shut Terra up. He does this by stuffing her mouth with panties. He then uses thick white micro foam tape and wraps it around her face and mouth to finish gagging Terra. With Terra well muffled and "mmmpphing" through the gag, the man uses a lot of rope to secure her upper body. He ties her elbow and forearms very tight and secures them to her torso by tying rope around her chest, both above and below her great big tits. Terra is then put on her knees and bent over the chair she was sitting on. The man positions her so she can see herself in a mirror as she struggles bound and gagged. Terra feels humiliated as she sees herself. Her mouth is packed and wrapped so full that she sees her cheeks bulging over the top of the tape. This only goes on for a short while. Because a short time later, Terra is now laying on the floor with her big boobs now out of her bra. As she struggles she thinks about just coming clean with her husband. But then she thinks about all the jewelry, the expensive clothes and the new cars. No, she is going to have to goes through once a week. Maybe she can find a way to get some enjoyment out of this. Or maybe she might think about giving the guy other options. After all, she doesn't have trouble cheating on her husband. That thought and the tight rope gives her brief moment of excitement. . "OMG! is it possible I am starting to get turned on!" she thinks.

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