OSB2009-The baby sitter didn't want him to untie her

Bella Ink from 2018

He came home to find the house empty.  He heard a noise in the bathroom. When he opened the door, he found his baby sitter Bella bound and gagged. He removed the gag and told Bella that he would untie her once he called the authorities to report this crime.  But Bella stopped him.  She told him that there was no crime. She explained that she was playing a game with his sons and allowed them to tie her up in his wife's bra and girdle. Bella went on to tell him that she loved being tied up and gagged tight. Then when he was getting ready to untie her, Bella told him not too. Because the idea of being tied up by an older man was her biggest fantasy. She told him that if he tied her with more rope and gagged her again, she would not say anyone to anyone, especially his wife.  "It will be our little secret!" Once he had her gagged and tied more secure, Bella was very turned on.  But now she wanted more and somehow through the gag, she was able to convince him to pull her bra down to expose her big boobs. Now, she thought to herself, "How am I going to convince him to pull my panties down and have his way with me while I am tied helpless!"

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