OSB2102-Possessed by the Nympho in the magic box

14:03 video

Lana Lane


They had an important project to get done this weekend. So he brought Lana his secretary to his place because they both felt they could get more work done there rather than in the office. As Lana sat on his sofa, she saw an exotic looking box on his end table. She marveled at it and picked it up. Before she could ask what it was, the man began to panic. "Put that down!" he shouted and warned to please leave the box alone. He refused to tell her why, but Lana could tell there was some kind of secret involving this box. But when her boss leaves the room, Lana's curiosity gets the better of her. "What is so special about this box and why does my boss seem so protective of it!" Lana had to know. So she picked up and opened it. When she looked inside, she saw nothing and now she was very confused. All of a sudden, something went wrong and Lana started to have some find of seizure and could not move. Then things went totally dark and she found herself in completely dark place. Lana didn't know where she was.

When the man returned to the room, he told Lana that is was time to get started. But there was something different about Lana. She now had a crazed look about her. The look of a woman who was very interested in doing something naughty with a man. "Lana is not here!" the woman on his sofa said. This is when the man knew something was seriously wrong. He recognized the woman personality to be that of "Barbara" the nymphomaniac Genie who lived in the magic box he owned. "Lana is taking a vacation in my box Barbara told him. The started to panic and didn't know what to do. This had happened before and he knew, the only way to get Barbara back the box and his secretary Lana out was to have sex with Barbara until she had an orgasm. And because Barbara had a very large sexual appetite, he wasn't so sure he was up for the challenge. In the past, when he had this problem, it took a lot of his energy to get Barbara to cum . So much that it completely wore him out. So before Barbara could do anything, the man brought out some rope and tied her up. This only seemed to get Barbara more turned on, but at least it gave him time to come up with a plan to get her back in the box and the real Lana out. Because Lana's chatter was distracting, the man needed to shut her up. So he stuffed and and taped a big wad of panties in her mouth to gag her. Although she was now bound and gagged Barbara was not upset at all. She knew she would get her way sooner or later and being tied helpless like this added a very erotic feeling to her situation. But then something happened to change things, the man came back and hogtied her. But when he tied a knotted crotch rope tightly between her legs, Barbara felt something she never felt before. Sexually satisfied without the help of a man. As she struggled more, the better the sensation felt. Soon, she could get enough of this rope up inside her now. Usually she had to have sex with a man several ties before she felt this way. All of a sudden it happened and Barbara couldn't do anything to stop it. She had an orgasm and all of a sudden, it was very dark and she was no longer bound. Of course, she knew where she was. Back in the box and very content. Meanwhile outside the box, the man returned to his captive. But as he looked at her, he saw panic and anger. It didn't take him very long to figure out, the girl bound and gagged on the floor was his secretary Lana. When he removed the gagged, Lana let him know that he had a lot of explaining to do.

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