SVBC2102-No! You are not stuffing those in my mouth! MDV

11:21 video

Kinky Kitten

720 X 480 Mini DV Video


A man brings Kitten to his place. He makes her tell him the combination to the safe at her office and to give him the directions where to find it. Once he has the information he needs, he makes Kitten promise to stay there until he returns. The minute Kitten is sure the man is gone, she gets up and leaves. But just as she gets out the door, the man is right there waiting for her. "I knew I couldn't trust you!" He tells her as he drags her back inside. With Kitten protesting as she tries to resist, the man quickly tapes her up. Once he has her all trussed up tight where he is sure Kitten wont be going anywhere, he realizes that he needs to do something to keep her quiet. When he finds a pair of her panties and starts wadding them up, Kitten begs him not to gag her. "No! I wore those panties yesterday! You are stuffing them in my mouth!" She tells him. But her protests are quickly cut off as the man roughly stuffs her mouth and then wraps tape around her face and mouth to gag her. Now sure that Kitten cannot leave or make too much noise, he leaves her again. While he is away, she struggles hard to get herself loose. She tries cry out for Help. But some time later the man returns to find her just as he left her. For some reason, he wasn't able to get to the safe and has to wait awhile to go back and try again. So he decides to keep Kitten bound and gagged. But to make things a bit more interesting, he pulls her big boobs out of her bra so he can watch them bound on the floor as she continues to struggle.

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