SVBC2102-Help me! He has me tied up & gagged

8:24 video

Brigette Paris


720 X 480 Mini DV Video


The authorities were looking for a burglar. The area was blacked off and they had a helicopter overhead. He needed a place to hide. He tried one door and it was locked. Then another, it was locked too. But the next one was unlocked and he went in. Thats when he found Brigette in her underwear. Before she could call for help, he grabbed her and tied her up on the floor. He needed to keep her quiet, so he stuffed and taped a pair of her panties in her mouth to gag her. Brigette could hear the helicopters overhead just outside her apartment. She they were looking for him and there was nothing she could do to let them know he was in her apartment. Brigette struggled, hogtied on the floor. Later, Brigette's bra is pulled down to expose her large boobs. But just as the man was going to pull her pantyhose and panties down, there was a knock at the door. The man answered the door and it was the police. They asked him if he had seen the man they were looking for. Brigette tried to cry out, but the panties taped in her mouth kept her completely muffled. The man told them that everything was ok and they left. He went back to Brigette, "Now where were we, before we were interrupted?"

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