OSB2105-She can't talk on the phone now! I have panties taped in my mouth!

14:00 video

Madalynn Raye

Madalynn doesn't know who this man is or how he got into her house. But right now he is tying her up terribly tight. Then without warning, he yanks her head back. When Madalynn starts to yelp, a pair of panties are stuffed and taped into her mouth. They tape is wrapped so tight that the panties are pushed back to her throat, causing Madalynn's eyes to water as she struggles not to gag on the panties. The man leaves Madalynn to struggle bound and gagged without noticing that he left her cell phone on the sofa. She works her way over to it and speed dials her boyfriend. You can hear his voice on the other end trying to figure out what is going on as he listens to Madalynn's muffled pleas for help. At first he thinks it is a prank call and then later someone playing with his girl friend's phone. So he hangs up. Madalynn squeals in frustration and tries to beg her boyfriend to call back. Sure enough a few seconds later, the phone rings and it is in fact her boyfriend. This time, he asks for Madalynn. But only hears the same muffled sounds from before. Finally as Madalynn gets him to understand that she is bound and gagged, he figures out what is going and tells her that help is on the way. But then the bad guy returns to take the phone away from her. Realizing he is running out of time, the man uses more rope to tie Madalynn in a tight ball so she cannot move at all. Sometime later, long after the bad guy has made his getaway, Madalynn hears her door bell ring and someone pounding on her door. She screams loud through the gag to let the person(s) know that she is inside and needs help.

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