SVBC0241-Spoiled Rich Girl trussed up and gagged in a garage

11:22 video

Miss Alison

720 X 480 Mini DV Video

Alison's father had a bad gambling problem and was in debt to some lone shark. So when the man called to tell him that he snatched his little girl from her college, Alison's father demanded to know what he did to her. So he told him. He said that after he grabbed her, he took her to his hideout. She tried to resist but she was no match for his strength. The video begins with the man Alison to sit on a chair in an abandoned garage. The man brings out some rope and starts to tie her up. "Ouch! that hurts!" Alison tried to complain. "Be quiet or I am going to gag you!" the man warns her. So Alsion did her best to stay quiet as the man continued to truss her up. But right about the time, he was finished, she started to complain again. This time, the man gave her no warning as he roughly stuffed a pair of dirty panties in her mouth and tied a rag tightly over her mouth to gag her. Later the man will call and explain to her father exactly what is going on with his little girl. He will explain that her tight little skirt has risen up her hips, and as she struggles and wiggles her curvy little ass, her girdle and black panties are showing. Later he will be told that since he is taking so long to come up with the money, her gag will be tied a little extra tighter, making her almost choke on the panties that are packed in her mouth. Then he will tell him, that he has pulled open her blouse so he could play with her perky little tits. The video will go on and end with Alison struggling bound and gagged with her boobs out. She will wish she could get back on the chair she has fallen off of since the garage floor is so cold.

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