SVBC0242-Spoiled Rich Girl trussed up and gagged in a garage

10:23 video

Kerri Taylor

720 X 480 MINI DV Video

When they broke in, they didn't expect to find anyone home. But the lady of the house(Kerri Taylor) was there and they had to deal with her. One of them her into the kitchen and made her take all of her clothes off except for her pantyhose. Using rope he found in the garage, he tied her up very tightly. He then left Kerri to struggle as he went off to look for something to gag her with. He found just whet he needed in the bathroom. When he returned, Kerri saw he had a sponge and a torn up rag in his hands. She knew just he planned to do to her now. "No!" she begged as he stuffed the sponge all the way in her mouth. Then before she could spit it out, he tied the rag tightly between her teeth to gag her. Kerri started squirming and kicking about as she was left to struggle bound and gagged. She knew she needed to either get away or find a way to alert her neighbors. As soon as these men found what they wanted, she feared they would have their way with her before they left her. Later, the man who tied her up, returned and put her in a hogtie. Now there was no way for Kerri was going anywhere and as the man stared at her, she knew he couldn't help but notice, she wasn't wearing any panties under her sheer pantyhose.

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