OSB2105-Mom went next door to get her ass tied up and her panties pulled down

16:19 video

Goldie Blair

Goldie has been trying to get the man next door to play with her for some time. Today she caught his sons playing a game where they tied her up. So after chasing them away,she gathered up their rope and went next door. pretending to be angry, Goldie told the man what she caught his sons doing. But it was all just a ply to get what she really wanted. She told the man that if he tied her up and played with her, she would forget all about the incident. The man was very eager to take her up on her deal and soon he had her struggling bound and gagged on his floor. Goldie now extremely turned on, tried to get the man to hurry up and get to the fun part. The part where he pulled down her panties. Her panties and bra were pulled down. But the man wasn't quite ready. Because first he wanted to enjoy watching his neighbor bound her big tits about as she struggled on the floor. After a while he was rewarded with very loud moans as Goldie herself to have a bound orgasm. Now Goldie was going to get what she over for in the first place as the man rolled her on her stomach and climbed on top of her.

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