OSB2105-You need to Gag Me! We don't want Mom and Dad to catch us!

14:21 video

Terra Mizu

He has been hired as Terra's family body guard. But there is something about him that Terra is very turned on. Maybe it is that he once talked her about a bondage scenario and now she cannot get it out of her head. So one night while parents are resting, she sneaks into the man's living area. She wakes him from a light rest and he see's that she is only wearing a slip over her bra, garters, panties and stockings. This worries the man because he fear her step-father may find out. He tries to tell Terra to leave. But she refuses and tells him that she wants him to play a game with her. She wants the man to tie her up and gag her in her underwear. She assures him that her step-father will never find out. At first the man is very reluctant. But Terra has her way of persuading him. Soon Terra finds herself tied up tight with rope. But she wants more and tells the man she needs to be gagged. Before he stuffs and tapes a pair of her panties in her mouth, Terra tells him that she wants him to be very naughty with her and pull her big boobs out of her bra. The next thing she knows, Terra is now totally helpless as she struggles hogtied and gagged on the floor with her big boobs bouncing about. She is so turned on, she can hardly control herself. It will not take her very long until she works herself up to the first of many bound orgasms. At one point she thinks to herself that it is a good thing she is gagged. Not only will it muffle her moans, but it will also keep her from getting the body guard in some real trouble.

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