OSB2105-Take his money! Then tie me up and do naughty things to me!

11:24 video

Whitney Morgan

Whitney's boyfriend has a lot of money. And since he has obtained illegally, she has no probably taking some of it. But to do this, she needs the help of some guy she met at a bar. After bringing him up to her room, she shows him where the money is. He packs it up and gets ready to leave, telling Whitney where to meet him later. Whitney stops him and tells him that he just cannot take the money and leave as if she gave it to him. "You have to make it look like you came in here and over powered me!" Whitney tells him. "And, you are going to have to tie me up!" She adds. She shows him where she has some rope and a short time later, the man has her all tied up Then Whitney explains that if someone were really going to tie her up to rob her, she most likely would start screaming. "You are going to have to gag me!" She tells him. So after telling him where her panties are, the man grabs a pair and stuffs them in her mouth. He then wraps thick white tape tightly around her face and all of a sudden, Whitney finds herself gagged. She struggles to test the rope and finds that it is tied very tight. She then tests the gag by whimpering and trying to scream. She finds that she is well muffled and even if she wanted to, there is no way she could make enough noise to be heard from outside. She knows that when her boyfriend finds her like this, he will believe that she was robbed. Then all of a sudden, there is a problem their plan. Whitney starts getting very turned on. She had forgotten just how horny she gets when she is tied up. It doesn't take the man very long to figure this out and he too gets very excited. He tells Whitney that is some really tied up a hot looking girl like her, he/they would most likely take advantage of the situation. Although Whitney tries to act shy and pretends that she does not want this to happen, she cn hardly control herself as the man bends her over and pulls her thong panties over to the side. Some time later, her boyfriend will come and find his money gone and his girlfriend all tied up and gagged. But as Whitney struggles in the rope, she is in no hurry to be found by anyone.

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