OSB2106-Latina Secretary wired up and mouth stuffed

16:10 video


When he came to the office looking to take a very secret file from Sahrye's desk, he didn't expect her to be there. But it Wednesday night, the night her husband went out with the boys and she decided to stay late to catch on her work. When he walked in, Sahrye told him that the office was closed for the day. But then he let her know that he wasn't here for regular office business. Coming UN-prepared for Sahrye, he needed to do something with her. So after grabbing her, he yanked a extension cord from the wall and tied her hands behind her back with it. he then took off his belt and used it to bind her ankles to the chair. Knowing Sahrye would soon be screaming for help, he knotted a rag and tied it between her teeth to gag her. Knowing it was going to take some time to download the files he needed, he had to make sure Sahrye stayed secured and out of his way for the entire time. He wasn't sure he had her tied well enough, so he left her to look for something else to tie her with. Once he was gone, Sahrye struggled hard to get loose. After a while, she was able to get her ankles free and she pushed herself over to her desk so she could get to the telephone. But before she could make a call, the man returned with several pieces of speaker wire. He took Sahrye off of the chair and tied her up very tight with the wire. Then when he felt she wasn't quiet enough, he stuffed her mouth and taped her up to gag her again. Finally to make sure Sahrye could not get very far, the man hogtied her. As an added embarrassment, he tied a piece of wire between her legs(Crotch Wire). Now with Sahrye bound, gagged and helpless, the man was able to start working on getting what he came for. Meantime, Sahrye rolled around on the floor trying to get herself loose. But with the wire tied so tight and cutting into her skin, it was very painful to move. He mouth was packed so full and tight that trying to make any sound caused her to gag on the wad of panties stuffed in her mouth. Sometime later, long after the man makes his get away, Sahrye's husband will come looking for her and find his wife still struggling hogtied and gagged in her office.

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