SVBC0305-No! You are not stuffing your Step-Mom's panties in my mouthmmmpphh!

12:25 video

Crystal Frost

Their parents were out for the rest of the evening and Crystal had these guys all to herself. "What do you guys want to do?" She asked them. "Play a game!" they replied. When she asked them what kind of game, she was taken by surprise. They offered to let her tie them up and if they were able to get loose, then they would get to tie her up. Although Crystal thought this game was very strange, she agreed to play. She warned them that she was a girl scout in her younger days and could tie some pretty mean knots. The scene shifts to Crystal standing over them. Looking over her work, she was sure they could not get loose as the knots were tied tight and in places they could not reach them. But sometime later, when she returned to check on them, Crystal found they had freed themselves. "You guys must have cheated!" She accused them. But a deal was a deal and now it was her turn to get tied up. A short time later, they had their baby sitter all tied up. She started to complain because they had her hands connected to her ankles in some sort of hogtie. Then things got really bad when Crystal saw them bring out a pair of their step-mother's dirty panties. "What are you guys doing with those?" Crystal demanded to know. She soon found out as her mouth was stuffed with the panties and taped to gag her. Crystal was now furious as she tried to tell them that gagging her was not part of the deal. She rolled around on the floor trying to get loose. But this only gave them a nice view of her pretty white lace panties under her pantyhose. Then when they wanted a better view, they tied Crystal's hands up over her head so they could see the front of her panties. As Crystal laid there bound and gagged, she looked up at the clock to see it was still early. She realized it was going to be a very long night as there was no way she was getting loose.

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