OSB2110-Oh My Gosh! He has me gagged and taped up!

16:18 video

Madalynn Raye

Madalynn met him at a cocktail lounge. She thought she would take advantage of the guy like she normally did with every other guy she met. Make him buy her dinner and drinks, and ditch him. But things didn't quite work out that way.

The video begins with the man carrying Madalynn into a basement room. She is over his shoulder gagged with her hands taped behind her back. She is in no condition to resist. The man puts her on the floor and starts wrapping her up very tight with more tape. This is when Madalynn starts to resist. Having only tied a bandanna between her teeth to gag her, he realizes that he needs to quiet her down much more. So he unties the bandanna, stuffs her mouth and tape wraps her face and mouth to muffle her good. Madalynn is left to struggle bound and gagged. But if the man thought she was just going to lay around and wait to find his plans for her, he was wrong. Because Madalynn worked her way off of the chair to the door so she can open it and hop away. Unfortunately for her, the man returned and caught her. So to make sure she stays out, he uses more tape to fasten her down to the chair and now she isn't going anywhere.

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