SVBC0315-Busty room mates tied up and to take turns

14:16 video

JJ Plush & Nickie Masters

Nicki asks her room mate JJ to go out for the evening with her. But JJ has had a hard day at the office and decides to stay home. Once Nicki is gone, JJ falls resting on the sofa. Sometime later, a man sneaks in and grabs JJ. Before she can do anything, the man has her tied up with rope. He then gags her by stuffing a large pair of panties in her mouth and tying a rag "very" tightly between her lips and teeth. All of a sudden, Nicki shows up again. Apparently she forgot something. She finds her room mate bound and gagged and tries to untie her. But the man comes in and grabs her too. Before she knows it, Nicki finds herself bound and gagged right next to JJ. The bad guy cannot believe his luck to have 2 hot looking chicks to play with after he robs them. He decides to take JJ first. So he hogties Nicki and leaves her to watch as he has some fun with JJ.

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