OSB0181-Jamie Knotts-The Nympho in the bottle has me tied up and gagged!

16:19 video

He is taking his training partner and friend Jamie to an award banquet. But first, he brings her to his room so he can check on something.  While he is away, Jamie finds a weird plastic bottled labeled "Chloe" and "Danger do not open".  When she picks it up and asks him about it, the man panics and takes the bottle away from her.  He warns her not to touch the bottle and then he leaves again. But Jamie's curiosity gets the best of her and she picks the bottle up again.  This time, she opens it and is not surprised, that nothing happens. Suddenly, Jamie finds herself in a very dark place.  She sees light up above and hears a woman's voice.  It is her voice, but the woman is definitely not her. Meantime, the man walks back into the room and sees that Jamie has opened the bottle.  The girl on the sofa is no longer Jamie though.  She is the Nympho Genie who lives in the bottle named Chloe and the only way to get her back in the bottle is to satisfy her sexually. But this has happened before and the man is prepared.  Using rope, he grabs Jamie, Well actually, "Chloe" and ties her up.  Chloe is very excited and thinks this is some sort of foreplay.  Because the feeling of the tight rope has her more turned on than ever before.  She knows that sooner or later she will use her charm and talk this man into having his way with her, again.  The man is prepared for this also.  He stuffs and tapes a gag in Chloe's mouth so she can no longer talk. The man hopes he can find a way for Chloe to have an orgasm with out him having to do anything to his friend Jamie's body.  It is not that he wouldn't want to.  But he has already lost a few female friends because of this happening before. When he leaves her hogtied with a piece of rope tied tight between her legs, the man feels guilty having to expose and touch Jamie like this.  But when he locates the vibrator he has for this situation, he is going to have to touch her down there anyways. While alone, Chloe struggles and thrashes about.  She is so turned on and cannot wait until the man pulls her panties down to have his way with her.  Suddenly something happens. The crotch rope has been touching Chloe in just the right spot with just the right type of pressure and she has an orgasm, This satisfies her and soon she is back in her bottle. The man then returns and the woman bound and gagged on the floor is not as happy as when he last saw her.  He realizes that it is Jamie and she is not very happy.  He is going to have a lot of explaining to do as soon as he unties her.

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