OSB0190-Kristyna Dark-Tie up and gag your naughty MILF Neighbor!

16:23 video

His neighbor Kristyna called him over to check on a problem in her basement. When he got there, she pointed out the area of concern and as he started looking, Kristyna started to undress. When he told her that he could not find the problem, he turned his attention back on her. That is when he found her wearing only her bra, panties, stockings and a corset. Surprised, he asked Kristyna what she was doing. She told him that since her husband has been away for so long, she has become very lonely and needs someone to play with her. "I have always wanted to be tied up in my basement!" she added. Unable to pass up such a deal, he agrees to play her game and a short time later, he had her all tied up with rope in her sexy underwear. Then worried that someone might hear her loud moans as they play, he stuffed her mouth with panties and then wrapped thick white tape over her mouth to gag Kristyna. As she moaned with pleasure, he continued adding more rope until he had Kristyna completely helpless. As he watched his kinky MILF neighbor squirm on the floor bound and gagged, he realized he had somethings to do at home. When Kristyna seemed to be a little upset about this, he told her not to worry because he had her tied up so tight, there was no way she would ever get loose. He told her when he returned, she would be so worked up from struggling that she would be ready to play. Then before he left her, he pulled her bra down to expose her boobs. Alone now, Kristyna struggled as she rolled around on the floor. She wasn't very happy being left alone. But knowing her neighbor would be back soon, she only got more turned on as she imagined all the naughty things she wanted done to her while she was bound so helpless.

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